The international activities of Folktinget (The Swedish Assembly of Finland) has two aims:

  • To get concrete ideas from and to exchange best practices with especially European cooperation partners on the promotion of linguistic rights and a more proactive language planning
  • To disseminate information to other countries on the best practices and activities of Folktinget as the interest organization for the Swedish-speakers in Finland, and about the bilingualism of Finland

In this work Folktinget has many partners, and Folktinget is

  • full member of the European Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity, NPLD  and its Think Tank. Within the NPLD Folktinget was Lead Partner in an EU-project during 2013-15 to create a Roadmap on language planning on a European level, and has been actively involved in the implementation of the roadmap within the EU.

Lately, Folktinget has also cooperated actively with Finnish-language and culture organizations in Sweden (Sweden-Finns). Together we organize discussions and roundtable conferences where common themes are discussed.

Moreover, Folktinget engages actively in the periodic reporting process for the implementation of the Council of Europe (CoE) conventions on minorities and languages, mainly the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages and the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities. Whenever the expert committees of the conventions visit Finland, Folktinget is heard on the implementation regarding the development of the rights of the Swedish-speaking population in Finland.

Folktinget is also visited by a number of international groups and organizations every year, wishing to hear about our activities and work for the promotion of the Swedish language and culture in Finland.


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